Re: wishlist item: quicker kwy shortcuts

On 05/13/2006 03:41:40 PM Sat, Kacper Wysocki wrote:
On 05/13/06 14:57:13, Steffen Klemer wrote:
[ snip ]
This is not very consistent with the rest of Gnome. How do you like <return> and <esc> for Yes and Cancel?

Dont know what you mean by consistent, but right now <return> and <esc> is No(don't save) and Cancel, respectively, although you can change the focus to another button with <tab> as per usual. I'm just questioning the need for a modifier for the key combos when the dialog has a sum total of three actions to choose from. Why <alt>-y when 'y' suffices? Indeed, there is no need to delete any exist key bindings - but why not add convenience, at little cost?

I'd never noticed that <esc> cancels the dialog!

I guess that's the kind of thing that Steffen means by consistency: Balsa creates a dialog with default characteristics, and gets reasonable key-bindings that any other app will share, if it too accepts the defaults. In this case, there is an argument for <return> meaning Yes instead of No, since Yes is the safer action. But otherwise, the dialog will respond the way the user expects.

We'd probably have to go in at quite a low level to bind 'y' to Yes--catching key-press events, or some such. I believe that avoiding low-level interactions like that makes Balsa generally more robust.



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