Re: wishlist item: quicker kwy shortcuts

On 05/12/06 20:49:46, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 05/12/2006 10:37:49 AM Fri, Kacper Wysocki wrote:
Hi all,
long time no see - I've been using a webmail interface the past few months due to extended travelling -

I was just thinking: how about making dialog boxes like the

"The message to 'balsa-list <balsa-list gnome org>' is modified.
Save message to Draftbox?"
_Y_es _N_o _C_ancel

dialog one-key sensitive? Pressing ALT-{choice} doesn't make much sense to me when I might as well be pressing y,n or c.

OTOH, I suppose people have gotten used to the ALT-{choice} stuff, and it's gnome-standard (or is it?).

Hi Kacper:

Welcome back! That makes sense to me--the safe response is to save the message, so that should be the default response. There's another dialog, for when the message was auto-saved, which asks whether you want the auto-saved copy removed, and again there's a safe response, which in this case is not to remove it--again, seems like that should be the default response.

Well, I actually meant making all the options have one-key shortcuts, but I suppose if you feel that someone would have the popup for saving a message pop up and accidentally hit 'n'(o, delete my message) when he really wanted to keep the message, then that's reasonable. But 'Y'es, save the message, and 'C'ancel, return to the message are rather safe, no?

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