Anyone else use/used Balsa 1.4.1? (was Re: Balsa threading problem)

Hope someone does! *fingers crossed*

Btw, do you know if libintl and libiconv upgrades will have any affect on this problem? Because all I know is that when I upgraded those libraries Balsa 1.4.1 had that problem.

The other thing is that I tried to recompile (the same) versions of gconf and gnome vfs that I had before and the problem persisted.


On 2006.03.13 17:06 Peter Bloomfield wrote:

I have gconf 1.0.9 and gnome vfs 1.0.3.

Do you know which versions were tested to work with Balsa 1.4.1?

Unfortunately, I've kept no records of workable combinations. Perhaps someone else currently using a 1.4.x version can help.


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