Re: Trouble with filters

Hi, Peter,

sorry for not answering any sooner, but I was away for a long weekend. :-)

Seems like I have to revise my previous answer:
On 2005.05.12 14:58, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 05/08/2005 07:49:02 PM, Andreas Schmidt wrote:
In 2.0.17, I just created a dummy filter "test test". That's what is now in the config file:

	MailboxFilters=test\\ test

	Name=test test

Today I reinstalled the latest version, removing everything from ~/.balsa so the config files had to be completely regenerated. In the old config ( ~/.gnome2/balsa) I have the lines: MailboxFilters=test\\ test [filter-9]
	Name=test test

The new config (~/.balsa/config) now has
	MailboxFilters=test test
	Name=test test

so this filter, again, doesn't work. Don't know why spaces seemed to be correctly escaped last time I tried, though.

So here's the key part: do you get two "Invalid filters test for mailbox..." warnings when you open that mailbox?
Yep, that's what I get:
	Invalid filters test for mailbox Inbox
	Invalid filters test for mailbox Inbox

Best regards,


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