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Hi, Peter,

On 2005.05.05 15:19, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hi Andreas!

Versions later than 2.0.x save filters in a different format in the config file, but have "2.0-compatibility" code for loading 2.0-style filters. Evidently, compatibility isn't 100%!

I guess I found the problem. Sometimes it pays to really pay attention to error boxes, even though the window is dimensioned so small. :-)

After trying to add filters from my old list, I've got errors like this:

Invalid filters Debian for mailbox Inbox
Invalid filters Curiosa for mailbox Inbox
Invalid filters Debian for mailbox Inbox
Invalid filters News for mailbox Inbox
Invalid filters Debian for mailbox Inbox
Invalid filters Security for mailbox Inbox

Looks to me like balsa doesn't like spaces in filter names anymore. Also, it could be that spaces in the names of mailbox-files might be problematic. How about using quotes in the config-file, i.e.
	Action-string="file:///mail/Lists/Debian/Debian Curiosa"
instead of
	Action-string=file:///mail/Lists/Debian/Debian Curiosa

I couldn't really confirm yet whether that this is an issue, because I have way to many filters with messed up rules, so for the time being to be able to sort the many mails received during the last two days, I've downgraded to 2.0.17 again. However, not quoting filenames looks like calling for trouble to me.

If you have a backup config file, could you compare the backup with the current one to find out what happened to the filter destinations? Look for strings like "Action-string=..." and "Name=..." in a [filter-nn] section.

Versions late in the 2.0.x series also used a numeric code for the "Trash" action that's different from that used both before and after. If your backup config file has lines like "Action-type=6", you could try replacing the 6 with 5. After mangling, that line might have the 6 replaced with 0, which is a no-op, and might explain why a filter does nothing.

I'm almost at the point of removing all my filters from balsa and calling procmail from postfix to sort the mails into the correct mboxes. However, I'm not sure whether balsa would notice when new mail arrives in an mbox other than Inbox.

It would, if the mailbox really is an mbox (or other local mailbox), or if it's an IMAP mailbox and you've enabled checking of all IMAP mailboxes.

I will try that sometime soon. Not now, in case you still need me for testing the space-thingy. ;-)

Best regards,


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