A bug or a local problem? - please help

Running Balsa 2.3.0 on fedora fc 3.

I use balsa for my email on a couple of machines, but my writing from
most of them is so infrequent that I have just noticed this today.

Balsa is set to save a copy of all outgoing email to my "Sentbox"
(in the directory <myhomedir>/Mail/Sentbox according to properties and

Until about a month ago this was happening nicely; however, copies are
no longer saved to that file (or anywhere else I can find).  Disk space
and permissions are not issues, and my config file has not changed.  I
tried going back to an earlier release but the results did not change
back to the anticipated behavior.

Has anyone else noticed this (i.e., is it a bug which I should put into
the system) or does anyone have any suggstions on tracking it down to a
local problem?

ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this one has now bitten
me pretty badly twice today.


Bill Austin

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