Re: Trouble with filters

Hi, Peter,

On 2005.05.07 03:06, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 05/06/2005 01:46:56 PM, Andreas Schmidt wrote:
Looks to me like balsa doesn't like spaces in filter names anymore. Also, it could be that spaces in the names of mailbox-files might be problematic. How about using quotes in the config-file, i.e.
	Action-string="file:///mail/Lists/Debian/Debian Curiosa"
instead of
	Action-string=file:///mail/Lists/Debian/Debian Curiosa

In principle, Balsa can handle spaces in both filter names and file names. But those "Invalid filters" messages show that it wasn't working. The "MailboxFilters=..." line has a space-separated list of filter names, and spaces in filter names should be escaped ("\\" in GnomeConfig, used for gtk < 2.6, and "\" in GtkKeyFile, ued in gtk >= 2.6). Could you check those lines in your old config? Perhaps an earlier version of GnomeConfig used a different convention.

In 2.0.17, I just created a dummy filter "test test". That's what is now in the config file:

	MailboxFilters=test\\ test

	Name=test test

Hope that helped. Best regards,


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