Re: balsa imap support... how broken is it?

Hello, thanks for the answer.

> This operation can generally be time-consuming and not all system
> administrators would accept mail clients that issue STATUS for all
> existing mailboxes.

Not sure, as the operation of checking statistics on a third or half of my  
mailboxes executes acceptably fast (significantly less than a minute). And 
Kmail is very fast on this too

> I am sure KMAil imap support is solid in many aspects

Yes, I like Kmail very much, but I just wanted to migrate to GTK-only 
environment, and Balsa at the first look seamed to have all features i could 
possibly need.

> but it is not a one-size fits-all solution.

maybe, although it is still my favorite mail client out of all other, for any 
OS. I has every last feature (well it lacks one, but that was a unique 
Foxmail feature, I suppose) I need, and the logics is something I understand 
straight, unlike in-my-opinion strange logic of accounts in most other mail 
clients, like Mozilla, Outlook and even the "great" Evolution (which i have 
an allergy for :) ). And I do not want to even start listing all the 
essential and required features that I miss in every popular mail client... 
so pure me respects only three mail clients: Foxmail (well, it has its 
issues, but at least I can use it without cursing), Kmail and Balsa :)

Regarding "one-size fits-all"... that what Options and Preferences are for, 

So, I do not know if it is a taboo to say that (forgive me if it is), but I 
think Kmail is what Balsa should inspire from.

> Btw, does setting Mail OPtions/Incoming/Check imap mailboxes + Check
> mailboxes automatically changes anything for you? If it does not, can
> you provide the dump of imap conversation as obtained when running
> balsa with -D option?

I will try it on monday... not in the office now.

> Is it the lack of exact statistics that bothers 
> you or just marking which mailboxes may contain new mail would be fine
> for you?

The most important is to know, where to expect a new message so that you would 
not have to go through all the folders. The exact statistics is a very good 
thing too, but lack of it would not be a blocker for me to start using Balsa 
(although i would like to see this feature soon). It would also be good to 
see the number of unread messages in parentheses, not like a separate column, 
which persistently takes up the space on the monitor.

Ah, and BTW, I did mention jumping between the mailboxes like crazy on program 
startup when I enable the "remember open mailboxes between sessions"... that 
is not very pretty. I am not sure what does the HIG say about flickering 
program view some three times per second, but I think it still is not very 
good to do that... but that is perhaps offtopic, and it is also not a blocker 


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