Re: balsa imap support... how broken is it?

> > Btw, does setting Mail OPtions/Incoming/Check imap mailboxes + Check
> > mailboxes automatically changes anything for you? If it does not, can

Nothing changes if i enable autocheck. The "check imap mailboxes" parameter 
was set previously.

> > you provide the dump of imap conversation as obtained when running
> > balsa with -D option?

No, sorry. Not only it is VERY long, but it also contains sensitive info (like 
sender and subject of messages sent to our support service and sales 
department). The last thing it said before going into idle (i.e. right after 
jumping like crazy around my mailboxes) is: "85 OK FETCH completed."

Ah, while I was writing this, I had another message appear few dozens times. 
It was during the autocheck:

** (balsa:2687): WARNING **: imap_mbox_connect:unexpected initial response
connection severed.


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