Re: balsa imap support... how broken is it?

On 04/13/2005 04:41:37 PM, Dmitry Golubev wrote:
Hello, I seem to be a bit confused with the IMAP support in balsa 2.3.0. The thing is that I have two IMAP accounts (hosted on the same courier server, if it makes any difference), each of them having a small hierarchy of folders, and, most importantly, about 50 different folders in one of the accounts.
I have observed a very serious problem: whatever I do it can not
display the number of unread messages in _all_ the folders I have.

This operation can generally be time-consuming and not all system administrators would accept mail clients that issue STATUS for all existing mailboxes.

First attempt has failed completely, when I disabled balsa to show the account statistics. My initial expectation was that if I do that, it would display the number of unread messages right after the folder name, in parentheses (just like Kmail does it), but that was my huge mistake to expect such an advanced feature. I fact, it could not even discover a new mail (and mark folder name in bold) entering a mailbox in this mode!

As funny as it may seem, doing it right is more complicated than it appears at the first sight. KMail, with it advanced mailbox checking, was not able to open a mailbox on my imap server in half an hour (it takes 30 seconds for balsa to scan the mailboxes and open the first one). I am sure KMAil imap support is solid in many aspects (it looks that way) but it is not a one-size fits-all solution.

Btw, does setting Mail OPtions/Incoming/Check imap mailboxes + Check mailboxes automatically changes anything for you? If it does not, can you provide the dump of imap conversation as obtained when running balsa with -D option? Is it the lack of exact statistics that bothers you or just marking which mailboxes may contain new mail would be fine for you?


OK, then I enabled statistics, and had to go manually through all the folders, for balsa to determine the amount of unread mail in each of them. I would even accept that fact, if this status would be remembered next time I opened the balsa. But no, next time I started balsa, the status has disappeared!!! After half-an-hour search through all possible options, I found "Remember open mailboxes between sessions". But it started to behave rather strange on startup: it is scanning _some_ of the folders in _random_order_, jumping through my folder view like crazy, but still ignores some (random) of the folders I previously had opened. So now when I start Balsa, I need to click on some random folders for Balsa to read their status... In my opinion, it is a major bug, but as I am new to Balsa, I thought I should ask the list first before jumping into conclusions. I expect there is just a small numerical limit on the folders it remembers. Either that or a completely broken IMAP client library.

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