Re: balsa gpg with pinentry?

Am 24.11.04 12:07 schrieb(en) Kacper Wysocki:
So here's what I did to get it working on my debian sid system (I got most details from

(feel free to use the below on your page)

Thanks... every information is welcome! I'm currently a little flooded with work (real life, the one I get some € for...), and this delays balsa work significantly. Sigh! Please stay tuned, though...

Now mind you, the pinentry dialog is way uglier than the balsa passphrase dialog. Sadly, same goes for the qt one. Also, I'm not sure

I'm afraid the pinentry package in Debian is built from the tarball, not from CVS sources... for that version, a Gtk+-2 version is not yet included. You may want to have a look at for a screenshot.

You could also check out the pinentry cvs, following the instructions on which contains an improved version of my patch. You have to check out the "pinentry" module using the CVS root ":pserver:anoncvs cvs gnupg org:/cvs/aegypten"

whether balsa will open its own dialog or whether pinentry will be used when the passphrase is not cached yet.

When you have gpg-agent running *and* the environment variable GPG_AGENT_INFO set properly (try "env | grep AGENT" which should give something like "GPG_AGENT_INFO=/tmp/gpg-LquCjU/S.gpg-agent:1105:1") *and* "use-agent" in the gpg config file, all applications calling gpg directly or indirectly, including balsa, will *always* use the agent and in turn pinentry. The cache is then shared for all applications. No other method to retreive a passphrase will be used any more.

The easiest way to start the agent automagically is by adding something like "eval `gpg-agent --daemon`" to your xdm/gdm Xsession file.



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