Re: balsa gpg with pinentry?

On 11/24/04 13:13:34, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Am 24.11.04 12:07 schrieb(en) Kacper Wysocki:
I'm afraid the pinentry package in Debian is built from the tarball, not from CVS sources... for that version, a Gtk+-2 version is not yet included. You may want to have a look at for a screenshot.

Looks way better than the gtk1 and qt one combined! I'll try it out when I have two seconds to spare (rather busy myself)

When you have gpg-agent running *and* the environment variable
[snip gpg-agent daemon]
The easiest way to start the agent automagically is by adding something like "eval `gpg-agent --daemon`" to your xdm/gdm Xsession file.

I did indeed forget to put that in as one of my steps, but yeah, pinentry and gpg-agent are working fabulously here.

Keep up the good work,

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