Aw: balsa gpg with pinentry?

 > I tried following the instructions at
> for caching passphrases, but it still somehow doesn't work, most likely  
> because debian sid doesn't provide the right packages:
[snipped deb pkg list] 
> Do I really need newer-than-bleeding-edge packages to get pinentry  
> working with balsa?

Basically, you need to install the package which contains gpg-agent, and all packages it depends upon. As I don't use debian, I have no idea which package actually contains it. But as there *is* a pinentry package (which doesn't make sense without it), I guess debian provides it in some package.

If you don't want to build gnupg-1.9.x yourself, there is no need to install any development package apart from gpgme and libgpg-error which are needed for balsa.

> The instructions on the abovementioned page are a little confusing, as  
> it seems as though the instructions for getting pinentry to work have  
> been intermixed with instructions on getting gpgsm, with the result  
> being that I don't know which steps are required to get pinentry  
> working, and which are not.

Yes, that page needs cleanup :-/ I'll investigate that and post an update asap. As far as I can tell form memory (currently at work, sitting at a [ugh!] Winbloze box), dirmngr is needed only for s/mime support. lib(assuan|gcrypt|ksba) are needed to build gnupg-1.9, even if you build gpg-agent only, neither gpg2 nor gpgsm.



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