Aw: Re: balsa gpg with pinentry?

> If you want only to cache the passphrase, you can use seahorse.
> In the gnome desktop preferences, select pgp preferences and there, you  
> will be able to cache the password. It will be asked the first time you  
> use it and will remain active until the amount of time specified there  
> is elapsed

The seahorse agent is a nice alternative, but please be sure that you have the very latest CVS version. Older ones used to tweak your gpg config files in a quite unfriendly way...

Also note that seahorse does not support gpgsm passphrase gathering (needed for s/mime etc.), nor the supfer-safe ncurses mode (if you are *very* paranoid and enter you passphrase on a virtual terminal rather than via X11).

Cheers, Albrecht.

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