Re: imap troubles

Am 19.02.2004 16:22 schrieb(en) Kacper Wysocki:
> Okay, so kmail connects to the IMAP server fine when using  
> 'cleartext',
> LOGIN and PLAIN, while the md5 methods don't work. Sure I could  
> hardcode PLAIN into balsa, but if this is an issue that has potential  
> for failure not only for me, hacking in a imap connection type radio  
> button would probably be better :-)

Like in many other cases, I'd expect the RFC to ask the mailer to  
choose the best possible method advertised, and if Cram is advertised  
and balsa supports it, the current behavior would be fully correct. I'd  
suspect the server to be broken, as CRAM seems not to work at all, so  
it simply shouldn't offer it. If you can resolve this with the admin,  
it would be best. Introducing handling for broken features of other  
components is certainly a controverse topic, I wouldn't want to do  
it. :)
All the code for this seems to be in libmutt/imap.



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