Re: imap troubles

On 02/19/04 02:00:40, Pawel Salek wrote:
> Well, pure SSL works just fine with balsa-2-0 for me. Things to  
> remember are:
> - "Server" must include proper port number eg.: cyrus.andrew.cmu. 
> edu:993
> - "Use SSL (IMAPS)" must be checked.
> If this does not help (I will be surprised if it does not) one will  
> have to add some print statements in libmutt/mutt_ssl.c: 
> ssl_socket_write()

This is exactly what I've been doing all along. No go.

I added one print statement in that procedure, like so:

static int ssl_socket_write
(CONNECTION* conn, const char* buf, size_t len)
  sslsockdata *data = conn->sockdata;
   /* debug printf added by kacper */
   printf ("DEBUG- conn: %s, len: %d, buf: %s", conn, len, buf);
  return SSL_write (data->ssl, buf, len);

Here's the relevant output:

DEBUG- conn: username, len: 18, buf: a0000 CAPABILITY
DEBUG- conn: username, len: 29, buf: a0001 AUTHENTICATE CRAM-MD5
DEBUG- conn: username, len: 54, buf: <ssl cookie>

... and then I get the CRAM-MD5 authentication failed message.
I changed the username and the ssl cookie/whatever, since I'm thinking  
someone could get my password from this stuff (probably not, but better  
safe than sorry - this is after all a public list). Is this what you  
had in mind or should I be looking at some other variables?


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