Re: imap troubles

Am 19.02.2004 11:00 schrieb(en) Kacper Wysocki:
> ... and then I get the CRAM-MD5 authentication failed message.

It could be a problem with the servers auth-mechs, which balsa isn't  
able to handle. There are basicly 4 methods: CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5,  
LOGIN and PLAIN. The last two are cleartext, but that doesn't matter  
when connecting via SSL. CRAM and DIGEST may cause problems in various  
ways, so if the server offers PLAIN, you can safely use that, but Balsa  
will prefer a MD5-mode.
I know I had to disable the advertisement of MD5-methods on my courier- 
imapd, as it causes problems with accounts in /etc/passwd, but that's  
sysadmin stuff. If know that kmail can check servers for their  
capabilities, so if yxou have access to an installation, try it. Or try  
hardcoding PLAIN as method in balsa source... :)


Darko Obradovic

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