Re: Selecting all messages in mailbox

On the subject of `select-all'...the compose window is inconsistent 
with the main window, in that the `Edit => _Select All' item uses `S' 
as its shortcut, instead of the standard `A'; that should probably be 

Also, I don't know about anyone else, but when I select all the text, 
it's usually to delete it, so I want the keyboard focus in the text. As 
it is, if the focus is in the headers and you hit ctrl+A, the text is 
selected but the focus stays in the header. *Tab* into the text, and it 
stays highlighted, but if you forget and *click* in the text to move 
the focus, it's deselected; that too can be fixed, by grabbing the 
focus to the text whenever it's all selected.

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