Re: handling mailinglists / filters

Am 20.02.2003 15:20 schrieb(en) Emmanuel:
> Le 2003.02.20 03:57, mpiktas a écrit :
>> Hi,
>>> I'm sitting here in front of balsa 2.0.8 and can't get this list 
>>> managed.
>>> I'd like all the messages from the list being moved to a special 
>>> folder when receiving mail.
>>> So I created a Filter for that. I added the filter to the Inbox, 
>>> and checked the box to execute it when receiving mail (the left 
>>> one).
>>> But it won't work. I'll always have to go into the folders 
>>> filter-properties, select "balsa-filter", click "apply", and then 
>>> the messages get moved correctly.
>>> Did I miss something serious about the filter-concept? Is my 
>>> translation (german) wrong on the checkbox? Is this the usual way 
>>> for handling mailing-lists?
>> Noted the same thing in 2.0.8. I think that was right in 2.0.7.
> Hm this should work on any mailboxes but the IMAP ones (it is still 
> not implemented, but I'll work on it soon).But it should definitely 
> work on other mailbox types.
> Bye
> Manu

Here it definitely does not in the way I described it.
I'm in the inbox, clicking on "receive", the messages get into the 
inbox, unfiltered.
I open the filter-conf/-apply dialog of the inbox, and there is my 
The checkbox on "when receiving" is checked. So it should apply it 
automaticly? It won't. But it works fine when clicking on "apply" 
there. :o/



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