Re: Selecting all messages in mailbox

On 2003.02.19 22:52 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
[ snip ]
> So I guess the fix is to drop the accelerator from 
> MENU_MESSAGE_SELECT_ALL_POS, since Ctrl+A already results in a call 
> to select_all_cb, and choose a different accelerator for 
> MENU_MAILBOX_MARK_ALL_POS. Any suggestions?

Following up on my own request...Alternatively, we could have a 
ctrl_A_cb hooked to the `Edit => Select _All' menu item, and direct it 
to either mark_all_cb or select_all_cb depending on the current focus; 
this would respond quite directly to Mpiktas's original request.

But...that would change the meaning of the `Edit' menu. Currently, the 
`copy' and `select-all' entries both refer exclusively to message 
content--would it be confusing to have a `copy' entry that acts only on 
content, and a `select-all' entry whose meaning depends on the current 
keyboard focus?

Of course, we already have the `find' entries that act on messages in 
the current mailbox, and the `filters' entries that act on all filters, 
regardless of mailbox, so I guess you could argue that the menu is 
already multi-purpose.


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