Re: Some bugs for balsa 2.0.2

On 2002.09.17 20:38 Lemmit Kaplinski wrote:
[ snip ]
> I use POP3 and I did not see an option to set one of my two 
> accounts as INBOX. The letters just end up there. Maybe we have 
> a different understanding of opening. It does open INBOX in the 
> sense that it is ... not scanned like most other folders when I 
> click on them. Something to do loading the  message headers and 
> ordering them I presume. But it is not opened in the sense that 
> it is automatically selected when launching balsa.

I must be obtuse--I'm still not getting just what happens. You've 
checked `Open Inbox upon startup'? And upon startup, does Balsa 
open `Inbox' in the same way that it would if you clicked it? 
[ snip ]
> Hmm - now that I retried it did not select any message at all. 
> And I do have unread messages as well. I'll just complain that 
> it behaves inconsistenly and unpredictably, but there are 
> probably more important issues.

Well, no, I would say that's a serious problem. I'm using the 
BALSA_2 branch from cvs, not the 2.0.2 distribution, but I don't 
recall seeing that kind of unpredictability in any version of 

[ comments about trash snipped ]
> Aha, now that you explained it, it works. But I am persistent 
> and would really suggest you simplify the process. With both a 
> Trashcan _and_ deleted messages in mailboxes, there's a lot of 
> duplication UI-wise where you have several ways to trash a 
> message. I understand the system has something to do with 
> giving the user power to commit his changes or not do it. With 
> Gnome2, the trend is auto-apply everywhere and I am all for it 
> (with a chance of recovery in case of accidents and that is 
> what the trash is for). When it comes down to it, this is yet 
> another feature request. If it makes your life easier, I will 
> insert all of them into the bug tracker

You can make *your* life simpler (and more Gnome2ish) by checking 
`Delete immediately and irretrievably', and using the trash 
mailbox for recovery. Some users don't use the trash at all, and 
just leave deleted messages flagged as such. Supporting both 
modes does complicate things, including the preferences pages, 
but the consensus among Balsa users seems to be that it's a 
necessary level of complexity!

[ html stuff snipped ]
> Most probably. But even HMTL renderer (gtkhtml?) crashing, 
> balsa should remain stable?

That's a good point--perhaps someone can suggest how to achieve 
it. As long as html can be a problem, Balsa should at least have 
a run-time option for not rendering it.

>>> * Selecting Filters from the Edit menu always crashes Balsa
>> Hmm--not for me, but then, I have one or two defined, and 
>> there may be some corner cases. Could you provide a stack 
>> trace?
> I will do so, but I have to finish this letter first...

Thanks for the trace--Carlos recognized that one!

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