Re: Some bugs for balsa 2.0.2CVS

On Thu, Sep 19, 2002 at 01:41:23AM +0200, Lemmit Kaplinski wrote:
> Hi,
> > humm, do you have remember open mailboxes checked ? also, do you
> > have mailbox tabs enabled ? if not enable them (view->mailbox tabs)
> > so that you can check what mailboxes are actually open
> Remember open mailboxes is checked and all of my mailboxes are open. 
> Now what exactly does open mean in Balsa? To me it sounds "Selected and 
> highlighted", but if you mean that the message headers have been 
> fetched, the term should be cached or something similar. In any case - 
> it's Trash for me every startup :)

balsa can have multiple mailboxes open simultaneously.
hence, the mailbox tabs. not having inbox selected after startup
is a small UI bug ;)

> > are those message html ? this might be gtkhtml crashes and not balsa
> > itself. if you're into experimenting build a version without gtkhtml
> > and
> > have a look at the parts on those messages
> I will try this, but are you suggesting that balsa will always crash 
> along with gtkhtml?

no, i'm saying gtkhtml does crash with some very nasty html (the
kind usually found in spam). the good news is it
generaly doesn't crash and gtkhtml is being developed

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