Re: What is IMAP status for now?


On 2002.10.15 14:32 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> I've never seen that, and mail from my pop-server is delivered to an 
> MBOX-style mailbox all the time!  Do you have an example of a message 
> that was appended to your mailbox without the necessary blank line?

I've had numerous, before I converted to maildir. The pop server in 
question is gnu-pop3d, that may have some bearing there, too.
Actually, it would happen about one in 30 messages or so. Since all my 
permanent storage is on IMAP, because it's shared ba several computers, I 
really don't want to go back to mbox to produce more examples. I would 
start losing messages again, and I can't afford that. Besides fiddling with 
Balsa, I do have a company to run...


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