Re: What is IMAP status for now?


On 2002.10.15 02:07 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> I was hit by that one a week or two ago, too.  It looks to me as though 
> libmutt miscounts the bytes in a message when the last line isn't 
> newline-terminated, because of a misplaced feof(fp) check--is that what 
> your workaround fixes?

It's one issue that popped up, yes. There is another one that I addressed 
once in a patch I submitted a long time ago, but I didn't, back then, 
thouroughly check all related code. I don't clearly remember anymore 
whether the issue was one of quoting or escaping, but it was related to 
IMAP folder names containing spaces. AFAIK the folder name was quoted on 
some occasions, but not on others when talking to the IMAP server. I have 
since removed all spaces from my folder names so I wouldn't lose any more 
Either one of those would trigger the "Junk after literal" bug. BTW, 
copying from mbox style files would also fail is there was no blank line 
preceding the From line in the mbox, that's one of the issues around the 
bug you described.
I have converted to maildir, which does not exhibit the problem. I didn't 
have time to track that one down, but your description covers it quite 
well. Is there a fix for that one already?


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