Re: What is IMAP status for now?

On 2002.10.15 06:46:15 +0100 M. Thielker wrote:
> Hello,
> On 2002.10.15 02:07 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
>> I was hit by that one a week or two ago, too.  It looks to me as though 
>> libmutt miscounts the bytes in a message when the last line isn't 
>> newline-terminated, because of a misplaced feof(fp) check--is that what 
>> your workaround fixes?
> It's one issue that popped up, yes. There is another one that I addressed 
> once in a patch I submitted a long time ago, but I didn't, back then, 
> thouroughly check all related code. I don't clearly remember anymore 
> whether the issue was one of quoting or escaping, but it was related to 
> IMAP folder names containing spaces. AFAIK the folder name was quoted on 
> some occasions, but not on others when talking to the IMAP server. I have 
> since removed all spaces from my folder names so I wouldn't lose any more 
> messages.

I remember testing that one circa 1.2.0 and didn't manage to reproduce it.
I'm not sure i tested with uw-imapd though

> Either one of those would trigger the "Junk after literal" bug. BTW, 
> copying from mbox style files would also fail is there was no blank line 
> preceding the From line in the mbox, that's one of the issues around the 
> bug you described.

that's a malformated mbox file. the bug is that we can read it at all :)

> I have converted to maildir, which does not exhibit the problem. I didn't

good, iirc someone triping that was using mh and some MUA that added a blank
line at the end of messages

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