Re: Configuration dialog

Am 2002.11.11 19:58 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
> On 2002.11.11 11:58 Lemmit Kaplinski wrote:
>> Hi,
>> just a suggestion - maybe you can borrow something from Galeon2?
>> L.
> Lemmit & Jules:
> Thanks for the ideas. My reactions:
> Galeon (1.2.6): has a column of buttons (labels: Browsing, User 
> Interface, Handlers, Rendering, Advanced) in a pane on the left of the 
> display; clean look, easy to use when you're used to it, slightly 
> confusing the first time, because there are no visual cues that the 
> buttons drop down columns of icons.

Galeon 1.3 has notebooks again (like in the old days but with only a few 
prefs :-(

> Mozilla (1.1): has a tree (top level nodes: Appearance, Navigator, 
> Composer, Privacy and Security, Advanced, Offline & Disk Space) in a 
> pane on the left of the display; familiar visual cues, clunky in this 
> version, but a GtkTreeView implementation would look pretty cool.
> Between these two, my vote would go to a Mozilla-style tree, both for 
> familiarity and because there's a Gtk widget to implement it. I'm not 
> sure what the Galeon design is supposed to represent, and it looks as 
> though there would be some low-level coding to implement it.

I would also vote for the Mozilla Style but that isn't that intuitive for 
new user as it could be.
What does the Gnome-HID says on that topic?


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