Re: Configuration dialog

On 2002.11.11 11:58 Lemmit Kaplinski wrote:
> Hi,
> just a suggestion - maybe you can borrow something from Galeon2?
> L.

Lemmit & Jules:

Thanks for the ideas. My reactions:

Galeon (1.2.6): has a column of buttons (labels: Browsing, User Interface, 
Handlers, Rendering, Advanced) in a pane on the left of the display; clean 
look, easy to use when you're used to it, slightly confusing the first 
time, because there are no visual cues that the buttons drop down columns 
of icons.

Mozilla (1.1): has a tree (top level nodes: Appearance, Navigator, 
Composer, Privacy and Security, Advanced, Offline & Disk Space) in a pane 
on the left of the display; familiar visual cues, clunky in this version, 
but a GtkTreeView implementation would look pretty cool.

Between these two, my vote would go to a Mozilla-style tree, both for 
familiarity and because there's a Gtk widget to implement it. I'm not sure 
what the Galeon design is supposed to represent, and it looks as though 
there would be some low-level coding to implement it.

Any other ideas?

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