Re: ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.0.3 released.

On 2002.11.11 10:53 Jules Bean wrote:
[ snip ]
> Yes.  Nested notebooks are UI hell. There is a good website about
> this, but I can't recall it just now.
> Considered preferable, I believe, is the mozilla/gnome-cc design with
> a treelist pane on the left.

Releasing a toolkit is far more effective than preaching (not you, Jules 
;-) in encouraging change! Does anyone know of any tools for building a 
new-look prefs dialog? I couldn't find *anything* for switching from 
out-of-favor frames to the `bold label flush left/text indented four 
spaces' style, so the BALSA_2 prefs dialog has a hacked-up replacement. 
Similarly, GnomePropertyBox (with the evil notebook tabs) is deprecated 
but with no replacement that I could find; the current prefs dialog uses 
an explicit GtkNotebook, in the apparent absence of anything better.


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