Configuration dialog


just a suggestion - maybe you can borrow something from Galeon2?


On 2002.11.11 18:16 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> Releasing a toolkit is far more effective than preaching (not you, 
> Jules ;-) in encouraging change! Does anyone know of any tools for 
> building a new-look prefs dialog? I couldn't find *anything* for 
> switching from out-of-favor frames to the `bold label flush left/text 
> indented four spaces' style, so the BALSA_2 prefs dialog has a 
> hacked-up replacement. Similarly, GnomePropertyBox (with the evil 
> notebook tabs) is deprecated but with no replacement that I could 
> find; the current prefs dialog uses an explicit GtkNotebook, in the 
> apparent absence of anything better.

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