Re: Iconwidth

On 2002.07.14 14:51 Joachim Breitner wrote:
> Hi,
> Am 2002.07.14 02:25 schrieb(en) Emmanuel:
> > On 14.07.2002 15:04 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> > > On 2002.07.14 03:38 Joachim Breitner wrote:
> > >> And what about sending outgoing mails through procmail? :-)
> > > Anyone?
> > Could someone explain to me the aim of this ?
> My current procmailrc checks the mails (via a perl-script) with my
> Adress book, and if the Sender is in my adress book, the mail gets put
> in a mailbox according to the FN: entry in the vCard. If the mail is
> from a mailinglist, the perl-script looks into the List-id: field of
> the header and extracts the title (like "balsa-mail"). Now if I could
> filter my outgoing mail into the same folders (this goes for
> personson), I could easily follow a conversation or use the threading
> functions.
> Joachim

Would it help to automagically set the fcc-box to the mailbox 
containing the message to which you're replying? If so, should that be 
universal behavior, or yet another configurable item?


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