Re: Iconwidth

Speaking of icons in balsa 2 is there a good reason why he icons on he 
tool bar are smaller than with 1.3.6 and of inferior quality (they 
appear fuzzy as if they are a smaller icon blown up). In the compose 
window as well.


On 2002.07.14 09:38 Joachim Breitner wrote:
> Hi,
> i was just having a look into balsa2 (well, I'll stick with balsa
> until the first release), but the icons still seemed to be horrible
> wide. My guess is that they all try to get the same width, which is a
> problem if the icon-text is underneath it and very wide (Like
> "Rechtschreibung"). Could you let the icons just takes as much space
> as they actually need?
> And what about sending outgoing mails through procmail? :-)
> Thank you for your work!
> Joachim
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