Re: [RFC] : small doc for beginner wanting to test Balsa from CVS

On 18.02.2002 07:53 Rikke D . Giles wrote:
> Hey Manu,
> I was using your beginners-help to download the balsa cvs, as I 
> mentioned I would.  First thing I ran into, (I'm acting as someone 
> completely unfamiliar with cvs) is
> 'No CVSROOT specified!  Please use the `-d' option
> cvs [checkout aborted]: or set the CVSROOT environment variable.'
> This was after I did this:
> echo " A" > ~/.cvspass
> So I changed that line to CVSROOT=":pserver.......
> and put this and CVSROOT (on the export line) in my .bash_profile.  I 
> think this was correct to do, but I'm not completely sure, and wonder if 
> there are other ways?

Ooops you're right, I've forgotten that one. You've fixed the correct way. 
I'll add that to the doc.

> Anyway, then I got the 'no route to host' error.  I think this must be 
> the time of day, so I will try again later, as you suggested.  Also,

Yes I routinely retry 3 or 4 times to get the update, so be patient.

> like an idiot, I was trying to do this in a gterm window while su into 
> my new 'balsa' user identity.  Of course it wasn't happy because the 
> .bash_profile was wrong, so I made sure to open a new console and log in 
> as my new identity.  I think this is correct?  I don't know if this 
> helps, or should be added to the beginners-help or not.  I'm not very

Oh yes perhaps, sure the bash_profile won't apply if you're using su.

> familiar with CVS at all (I've only used it once before), so this is new 
> to me :).  It's ironic, I've been a coder for years, but on solo or only 
> one or two people projects.   I really like balsa, find it a very handy 
> and good client, and would like to help at least find bugs, if I can't 
> find the time to shoot them as well.  So once again, thanks for the 
> How-to, and the nudge to make me stop being lazy, and give back to the 
> project!

Testing is surely an honorable way to contribute, there are still bugs 
hiding here and there in the code. Moreover with the port to gtk+-2, 
testing will become of great importance.

> PS Sorry to have sent this to the group, but for some reason balsa, or 
> more likely my isp, is barfing on the message submission if I reply 
> directly to Manu, or hand type his address in.  I've had this happen 
> before, although I'm really not sure why.  I get the 'message submission 
> problem...' warningbox.  _______________________________________________

Humm curious. Anyway my (mangled) address is : e.allaud at wanadoo dot fr


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