Re: Unable to load the "aspell" module.

On Mon, Aug 13 2001 18:19:11 Brett Johnson wrote:
> FWIW, I just downloaded the latest libaspell and libpspell (the new
> libaspell requires a newer libpspell than is installed on RH 7.1).
> They compiled and installed OK (in /usr/local).  But I couldn't figure
> out how to get balsa to recognise them in that location.  Finally,
> after wasting a couple of hours trying to do this "right", I just soft-
> linked the lib[ap]spell installation to /usr, and balsa would finally
> compile.
> So now I'm able to load the aspell module, and everything seems to work
> OK, until I actually try to use it to spell check something.  If I
> attempt to replace a misspelled word, balsa immediately crashes.  I'm
> gonna give up on this for a while...
> Cheers! (also sorry for any misspellings)

I installed the latest RedHat RawHide rpms and spell checking works
for me now:

$ rpm -qa | grep spell


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