Re: Unable to load the "aspell" module.

On 2001.08.14 00:19:11 +0200 Brett Johnson wrote:
> FWIW, I just downloaded the latest libaspell and libpspell (the new
> libaspell requires a newer libpspell than is installed on RH 7.1).
> They compiled and installed OK (in /usr/local).  But I couldn't figure
> out how to get balsa to recognise them in that location.  Finally,
> after wasting a couple of hours trying to do this "right", I just soft-
> linked the lib[ap]spell installation to /usr, and balsa would finally
> compile.
> So now I'm able to load the aspell module, and everything seems to work
> OK, until I actually try to use it to spell check something.  If I
> attempt to replace a misspelled word, balsa immediately crashes.  I'm
> gonna give up on this for a while...

look if you have /usr/local/lib configured in your /etc/ here
how mine looks like.

bash-2.05$ cat /etc/ 
# Begin /etc/
# End /etc/

after this everything should find the libraries correctly no need to
link any stuff.

sometimes, when you install or compile new libraries you need to enter


as root in the shell to update the configuration of recognized libraries

Name....: Ali Akcaagac
Status..: Student Of Computer & Economic Science

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