Re: Suggestions

On Thursday 26 April 2001 17:07, you wrote:

> > I run a large website, and receive many emails containing URLs that
> > people have suggested for inclusion.  I need to look at all these, and
> > being able to click on the URL from within Balsa is essential for
> > efficient working.
> >
> > That's why, after trying Balsa, I have had to go back to Kmail.  I'd
> > rather use Balsa, but it's not practical for me at the moment.
> Kmail is a slick app...but doesn't have IMAP or LDAP support (which I need
> more importantly). Can you get "Klipper" to launch netscape when you
> highlight a URL? That's what I nicely. Don't know what I'd use
> if I were using gnome though.

I tried it, but actually it's much the same as pasting the URL directly into 
a browser.  You still have to highlight it in balsa and then click on the 
action you want to take.  OK it saves a couple of clicks, but kmail has a one 
click solution.

But thanks for the suggestion.  I wasn't familiar with klipper and it might 
be useful for other things.

- Richard.
Richard Kimber
British General Election 2001

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