Re: Patch to use gnome-config

On Thu, 07 Oct 1999 09:29:50 Ragnar Henriksen wrote:
> Hey,
> I postet a reply to this message, but it seems to be lost :)
> Well,
> I've tried it, and it looks nice. But I noticed it to core-dump when neighter
> .balsarc or .gnome/balsa existed. Don't know why yet. And the first time I
> had to restart like 5 times to get all mailboxes to show.
> I'v added a simple print functionallity today. But I'm not sure what to use as
> source when makeing a patch. So this config-stuff, is that commited to the
> CVS?

It's not committed, a) because as you can see it's not quite stable yet, and
b) I don't know who has permission to commit it. As I understand it, Stuart
Parmenter, the maintainer, has basically given up work on Balsa. 

> I also intend to fix rebuilding of the mblist, if nobody else already is doing
> so.

I was planning on doing this, because it should be straightforward (some code at
the bottom of save-restore.c:check_magic_box), but if you will do that I'll put
that into my version of the gnome-config.

> I tried the threading-stuff too, but it seems to me that the thread.h file is
> missing? (I found it in my /usr/incl..., but it looks like that the file
> missing is something else, is that correct?)

This is a file that should have been included in the threading patch. They were
attached to a recent message to this list. (Would the attachments be available
in the archives?)

> regards,
> -Ragnar-

Peter Williams

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