Re: [Fwd: wi-fi BOM at GNOME.Asia 2011 conference in Bangalore, India]

Hello All,

[Top-posting because it is unrelated to the previous conversations and
built on the suggestions by Pockey]

I have been having frequent conversations with Convergent, and they
initially came down to Rs 20,000 (444 USD), and today I convinced them
to leave out the manpower cost and charge us only for the consumables Rs
10000 (222 USD)

So their offer,
[1] If we get some other sponsor for network, like say Intel then they
would charge us 444 USD and network sponsors in that case be "Airtel +
Convergent + 3rd company" and have a booth for Airtel + Convergent.

[2] If just Airtel + Convergent are the network sponsors, then they
charge us 222 USD, and they get a booth at the event.

We would need a good network, and someone to monitor it during the
event, because the release team wants a good line for testing tarballs.
One thing to learn from the KDE event and other events, is many people
complained about networking, so we need to get that right.

So if everyone is ok with it in the meeting today, I'll commit to them.
I checked with the university, and they can never get us a good
connection or people to monitor it. True with any university all over
India :)

We initially planned to pay for networking, but yes this cost might
still be a little more than expected. But we need a good networking
infrastructure. I still have to talk with Airtel, but I will after we
decide as a committee in today's meet.


On Sun, 2011-03-20 at 17:06 +0800, Pockey Lam wrote:
> Hi Bharath, 
> Thanks for your updates! 
> On 03/19/2011 02:38 PM, Bharath Acharya wrote: 
> > Hello All,
> > 
> > The network providers came back to us saying they will provide us the
> > high speed internet for 3 days of hackfest + 2 days of conference at the
> > college. The first 2 days however covered by Intel in their office.
> > 
> > Total cost borne = Rs 8,17,000 (18,140 USD) out of that consumables and
> > manpower cost will be Rs 32750 (727 USD)
> > 
> > They want us to cover 727 USD of consumables + manpower as mentioned in
> > the attached mail. 
> As our network sponsor, we expect them not to charge any manpower fee.
> The event is not for profit and we are all volunteers here, please
> explain to them we don't want to pay in money form, but we are willing
> to give them 1 booth in exchange for their service.  The exhibition
> value will be like 1000$ already. 
> > I will try to negotiate some discounts on that, but
> > does everyone think it is a good option to go for the network providers.
> > 
> > They would still want to be mentioned as network sponsors, but the
> > consumables which cannot be reused they do not want to be put money on
> > that.
> > 
> > Let me know if we can allot some budget for networking this year. Also
> > Srini, would Intel like to take up the cost for being the joint network
> > sponsors as mentioned previously? Either the hackfest party or the
> > network anything is good enough. That will help us offset the cost
> > surely.
> > 
> > @All: Views/ Comments?
> > 
> > Regards,
> > Bharath
> > 
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