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Hi Mohd,

On 06/05/2011 11:32 PM, Mohd Fazli Azran wrote:
Hi Pockey,

I think we can start for the beginner level so our participant easy to understand the process. FYI the organizer will sponsor the speakers hotel for 3 day 2 night. What we want is the speaker just need to cover their flight. Transportation from the airport will be pick up by USM staff. Any query don't hesitate to ask. Thanks

So the preferred speech will include:
how to develop GNOME (apps) for beginners and a brief introduction of the GNOME Community
Am I right?

This is some of our community opinion and _expression_ respond to GNOME query about word FREE i want to share to GNOME committee.

Dear GNOME committee
Please forgive our ignorance.

Free in my country meaning different to non techie people in my
country. Each time the words Free is used, its mean free of charge,
given its freely without any price, can be taken lightly and low grade

Its take us years to make our own people understand the meaning of
free, free for freedom. But its no used. Its already in our culture
free in negative perspective.

So we start the safer way of doing its. Silence it temporary and lets
our speakers do the explanation and make our public like it and love
it.. and we the Malaysian Open Source community will keep on doing
this until the people, free is for for freedom. Freedom that's our
country needs.

We can definitely show participants the definition of free (and open source) software. Thanks!

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