Re: [COSCUP / GNOME.Asia 2010] PR for calling for papers

2010/5/26 Emily Chen <emilychen522 gmail com>

 Also I suggest to reserve a big room for Lightning talks.

Sure, I (we) would love to do so.

For other topics, please see my draft call for papers from here:


and a add note under
"*題目分類建議 / Categories suggestion for the talk"

plz check again

About the length of each talk, where you want the speaker to specify ?

In Categoties, like
The Laterst Gnome 3.0 ( 60 min )
The Laterst Gnome 3.0 ( 30 min )

or In abstarct
*150 字內之演講內容摘要 / Abstract (150 words or less)

Pofeng "informer" Lee, 李柏鋒, pofeng at gmail dot com

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