Re: [COSCUP / GNOME.Asia 2010] Seeking for financial support.


I'm very confused on the first sentence of yours.

 > The GNOME Foundation is but one of your sponsors.

If that's the case, which level of sponsorship (Diamond, Gold, Silver,
Bronze) is GNOME Foundation in? Why did GNOME Foundation have access to
financial data of COSCUP? No sponsors have that privilege, not even
Nokia who paid US$6K.

Apologies.  The GNOME Foundation is not a sponsor, and we are an
organizer.  My question was whether or not you were planning to try
and get more money via sponsorship either by working with existing
sponsors or seeking new ones.

You can't claim to be an organizer when asking for data, and claim to be
a sponsor when asked for financial contribution.

According to the IRC log of May 11 reproduced below, GNOME Foundation is
not a sponsor but an organizer, with special privilege of logo placements.

That is correct.

I'd like to get this point clarified before going further on financial

I hope this clarifies the point.


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