Re: Any question you wanna put in questionnaire for attendees?

On 08/20/10 02:36 AM, Bob Chao wrote:
BTW, we might not get all these questions in the questionnaire, since we
should cut the number of questions down to 20~25. IMO People don't fill
the form which takes too much time.

Then I recommend just these questions:

1.  What OS do you primarily use?
    (fill in the blank)

2.  What Desktop do you primarily use?
    (fill in the blank)

3.  If you do not use the GNOME Free Desktop primarily, why?  Is it
    because of missing features, the need to use proprietary software,
    difficulty to install, hardware support, because you prefer an
    alternative free desktop, or other reason(s)?
    (fill in the blank)

4.  What do you think about the GNOME Free Desktop?  Did this conference
    affect your opinion of the GNOME Free Desktop?
    (fill in the blank)

5.  What did you love/hate about COSCUP / GNOME.Asia 2010?
    (fill in the blank)

6.  Would you like to see more collaborative events between the
    open source and free source communities like COSCUP/GNOME.Asia?
    (a scale from very positive to very negative)

7.  Would you be interested in joining a GNOME User's Group?

    If yes, could we share your email contact information with the
    Taiwain User's Group organizers to provide you with more information
    about how to participate and upcoming activities?

Is that more reasonable?



On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 3:24 PM, Bob Chao <bobchao gmail com
<mailto:bobchao gmail com>> wrote:

    Hi Brain,

    I'll work with CCLien on the questionnaire, and...

    On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 4:04 PM, Brian Cameron
    <brian cameron oracle com <mailto:brian cameron oracle com>> wrote:

        Also, would it be possible for the Questionnaire to be relesed under
        a Creative Commons license, so it is clear it can be used as a
        template for other events in the future?

    This is what I can do right away, so: Yes, sure, actually we can
    just release it under CC0 / Public Domain. I'll release my template
    on Google Docs Template Gallery as Public Domain first.


    Po-chiang Chao  (:BobChao)
    Mozillian and Creative Commoner, Taiwan

Po-chiang Chao  (:BobChao)
Mozillian and Creative Commoner, Taiwan

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