Re: GNOME.Asia focus, strategy and medium to long term plan

2010/8/12 Brian Cameron <brian cameron oracle com>

3) Developing stronger localization for Asian languages.  Perhaps it
  would be good to plan a future GNOME.Asia event in a country or
  region with poor language support, and to try and get people
  interested in helping with this.

How about host a L10n and G18N hackfest in Asia ? It can be a indepedent hackfest or a main topic for GNOME.Asia summit.

Another thing to consider is that the GNOME and KDE communities are
having combined conferences in Europe with the Desktop Summit.
Perhaps we should consider working more closely with the KDE community
and have a combined Asian summit, and perhaps get support and funding
from both the GNOME and KDE communities.

Can we express this message to KDE community to have a asia event for both GNOME and KDE ? If they have the same interests, why not ?  Can we talk about it during GNOME foundation board meeting ?

Brian, i will not able to attend next board meeting, if you will be there,  would you please pass the message in the meeting ?


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