GNOME.Asia focus, strategy and medium to long term plan

Dear committee members,

While we're approaching our 3rd conference in Asia, it would be nice to consider what we want to achieve (except suffering from organizing conferences with third parties). My understanding from the various talks I have had with Emily is that we are trying to encourage, attract, foster, build a GNOME community in Asia.

So what is a GNOME community? Is it GNOME users, is it GNOME developers, is it both?

Do we want as what happened in Beijing, to create a lot of Gnome User Groups?

Do we want to create communication channels, and if so, would they be users support vs dev support (or both).

I have been reading the recent posts on Guadec and I am under the impression that people tend to go again and again every year, creating a sense of belonging. I don't feel we have focused so much on getting this core group of developers (or if so, we haven't quite succeeded yet) in Asia.

I'd like to get a bit of feedback from people on this list before continuing and then maybe work together toward a better strategy to strengthen our efforts.



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