Re: [Anjuta-list] how to create a shared library

Hi Sunil,

Sunil Negi a écrit :
So what god-damned macro will get me rid of this error: required file `./' not found

Apparently, this is for libtool and is created by a program named libtoolize. Your are supposed to run it from your or just by running autoreconf.

Anjuta uses the (a common autogen script for GNOME program), I think it is run from here.

Pardon my language, but I have never faced anything like this on windows - so maybe my threshold of frustration is lower... Things just work in visual studio..

I think it's easier to start programming on Windows. Anjuta is trying to fill this gap but it's not done yet and it's a bit more difficult because we don't decide everything.

autotools is probably one of the biggest hurdle when starting a new project. Then, when you know it, it's not so difficult to use.

And I am yet to even start on the project that I had started out to do...



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