Re: [Anjuta-list] Adding po files to project

On 7/14/07, Sébastien Granjoux <seb sfo free fr> wrote:
Hi Fernando,

Fernando Apesteguía a écrit :
> - Creating the project _seems_ to be fine. The tarball doesn't include
> the pixmaps or the po files.
> I'm so sorry to say this, but Anjuta's help is quite imprecise. I
> followed that instructions and the thing just didn't work.

I'm agree that Anjuta's help is not good enough, but I'm afraid that the
main problem is the code itself.

There is a main difference between the project management of Anjuta
1.2.x and Anjuta 2.x.

Anjuta 1.2.x has a project file, like probably all IDE running on
Windows, which list all files used and various preference for building it.

Anjuta 2.x hasn't such specific project file but rely on already an
existing build tools: auto tools. The project file *.anjuta contains
only information useful for Anjuta (the list of loaded plugin) but
nothing specific to the project.

The advantage is that you can use Anjuta with any project using auto
tools: most of the program running on Linux. It is not a problem if some
developers of one project use Anjuta while other do not use it.

The drawback is that the format of the files used by auto tools are much
more complex that other project file format. Anjuta understands only a
subset of it and can modify a even smaller subset.

In your case, I think the current version of Anjuta cannot add a pixmap
in a project.

> I would like to know if it is possible that someone tells me how to
> add files properly. Should I execute autogenerate? configure?

As Anjuta read auto tools file, I think the best way is to edit the auto
tool files. I'm not an expert in auto tools. But I think that to add a
file in the src directory containing an icon you must edit
src/ and add the following:

OK, but the point is that Anjuta's helps tells literally:

  "If you do not want to get involved with manually editing project
files, just
  relax and let Anjuta do it all."

I'll try to do it editing the files (no in po/
subdirectory but and .in files) but if that's the case... what
is Anjuta for? IMHO the best feature of Anjuta was/is the project
management since I want to spend my time coding, not getting lost into
Makefiles and configures.

pixmapsdir = $(datadir)/gnome-foobar/pixmap     # The place where you
                                                # want to put your icon
pixmaps_DATA = \                                # A list of all files


EXTRA_DIST = $(glade_DATA) \
             $(pixmaps_DATA)                    # Add all icon files
                                                # in the project files

I have not checked how to do this for po but it's probably something
similar. Anyway, as the auto tools are heavily used, you should be able
to find thousand of samples on the net (google source is nice for such

> If this is the case, why Anjuta's help is not telling this?

I think, it's because it's not really possible with Anjuta.

> I remember that in Anjuta 1.2.x you could select the type of the file
> you wanted to add (pixmap, translation, etc...) and it worked
> perfectly but now there is only "Add source file"

Yes, it is the advantage of using a project file, adding files is much
more easy then building the package is more limited and must fit in a
predefined template.

Anjuta is improving, it will probably be able to do this later. You can
even take a look at this, the part handling project is in gnome-build
library and the auto tool file parser is in perl.

As Anjuta has a plugin architecture, another option could be to write a
plugin able to use old Anjuta 1.2 project file (or another similar format).

> PS: I promise to write a portion of the Anjuta's help when I can build
> my project properly :)

Good, I will remember this :)

I keep my word :)

Finally I could fix the pixmaps problem. Basically I added and removed
the conflicting files once again and it seemed to work properly. But
the problem with the .po files still remains. The old six .po files
are in the tarball when I "make dist" but not the two new. I can
change the po/Makefile.* files by hand but when running configure in
the top level directory they are overwritten.

I'll Google this, but any help is wellcomed.

Thanks for your long and detailed mail and sorry cause I took so long
to answer. This mail got lost in my account (I found it in Gmane when
I was searching information about how Anjuta works :P)

Best Regards



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