Re: [anjuta-devel] Building anjuta


On 11/28/10, Naba Kumar <naba kumar gmail com> wrote:
Now, I am at 40/51 modules build. Let's see how it goes with the rest.

Much of the weird dependencies listed above are due to NetworkManager,
so I suppose skipping its build would help not bother with those. If
someone wants non-interrupted jhbuild, one can take into account above
and stay in peace longer.

I encountered further errors in NetworkManager, so ended up skipping
it. Anyways, I couldn't understand how it came in anjuta dependency
chain, and assumed skipping won't have important effects.

1. Then, further deps were needed by webkit: libxt-dev, libicu-dev.

2. Then, devhelp build (of trunk) failed, apparently hitting bug Skipped it too.

3. Then, failed to build autogen because of missing libguile. It can
be fixed by installing libguile-dev and let autogen build, or
installing autogen itself directly which should satisfy anjuta build.

4. Anjuta build failed for me while building IAnjuta-3.0.gir, because
interfaces/ianjuta-macro.[ch] files were still around despite being
not needed (but gir build was still picking it up). A typical
distclean didn't clean them up -- something to note as a potential
bug, I suppose.

Then anjuta got installed and I can run it fine. There is no themeing
and such applied to it -- I suppose that has to do with gnome settings
being not compatible with 3.0 apps.

It's a long process and took whole bits and pieces of this weekend,
but I hope others trying it out on ubuntu 10.10 would know what's


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