Re: [anjuta-devel] Building anjuta

Hi Naba!

1. libgda-4.2.0 failed to build because xml_embedded.h could not be
found. It turns out this is generated file and can be easily generated
by running "make xml_embedded.h" in shell in
libgda-4.2.0/libgda/sqlite, and continuing jhbuild.

I don't know exactly why jhbuild uses libgda-4.2.0, there is 4.2.2
already but I thing I had an issue like that before.

2. libgda uses gtk+ (for the ui part), but is build before gtk+ in
jhbuild. It seems, by default ui build is enabled. This resulted in
failing to find the right gtk+ libraries, of course. I fixed it by
adding "--with-ui=no" in libgda autogenargs in .jhbuildrc.

Hmm, should be build after gtk+ but maybe the dependencies are wrong in
jhbuild. Will have a look at this. Basically more or less everybody is
free to fix the dependencies in the jhbuild git module as far as I know.
At least random people commit fixes there and nobody ever complained ;)


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