Re: [xslt] Patch for xsl:sort lang support

Roumen Petrov wrote:
I finish builds in mingw cross-compilation environment.
If build is from SVN all is ok, but from snapshot it fail (see attached file libxslt-snapshot-20080612-mingw-failure).

The reason is that my builddir differ from source.
Configure scrip create following header files in build tree:
Also snapshot include following files in source tree:

Lets see attached file: libxslt-snapshot-20080612.patch .
Syntax for include statement is with " as result is included file from source directory. The default include search path if gnu automake is used is : current directory, source directory, top build directory.

If is possible tarball don't include ./libxslt/xsltconfig.h and ./libexslt/exsltconfig.h ?
We may put them into nodist_XXX_HEADERS in respective makefile.
As I understand win32/configure.js create them too.

I can't comment on the build issues, but I did a little bit of research on getting MSVRCT locale support with mingw. _create_locale and friends simply aren't exposed in the mingw runtime. It might be enough to add the headers to include/locale.h and modify msvcr80.def in the mingw runtime source. But I never used mingw before and can't even get libxml2 to compile for now.

B) xsltlocale.h is in xsltinc_HEADERS.
Is this file for internal use only ?


C) When I post update for xlocale check in cross-compilation case I propose to assume that xlocale don't work on host platform. Now this look to me unfriendly. What about to assume that xlocale work ?

I think it's OK to only check whether the test program compiles.


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