Re: [xslt] undefined reference to `xmlXPathContextSetCache'

Nicolas Ecarnot wrote:
> 2007/1/5, Tim Van Holder <tim vanholder anubex com
> <mailto:tim vanholder anubex com>>:
>     Did you configure & build outside the source tree?  If so, you're
> For libxml2 as for libxslt, I just "cd" inside the untared source file
> directory, then ran ./configure and that's it.

Then the Bugzilla entry indeed does not apply to you.

For the xmlModuleXXX link errors, those are because you used
--with-modules for libxslt and libxml2 didn't have module support
The XXXSetCache link error looks more like it's picking up an older
libxml2 somewhere (the xxxSetCache function was added in 2.6.25).
Try moving out of the way (it has a higher version number
but older timestamp) and see if that helps.

>     By the way, what system is this on?
> OpenBSD 3.9
>     it seems a bit odd that libtool is
>     folding together the first two version numbers (2.6.27 -> 8.27 etc).
> Indeed, I did not notice that but it seems strange...
> For your 'system' comment, should I contact the people of OpenBSD
> according to you ?

There's probably some reason libtool does this; you can try asking on
the libtool mailing list if you really want to know, but I doubt this
has anything to do with your problem.

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