Re: [xslt] libxslt performance problem

You cannot do anything if the person that states these claims is not
test cases. That way debugging problematic algorithms can take ages,
whereas a
simple testcase can quickly light the way. :)

So Kaarle, got any test code?


Yes I have. The thing is that the big reports with lots of names and data
are rather big and I did not expect anyone willing to to look into them.

Another thing is that the bigger data belongs to a customer of mine and I
don't think I can put it out to a public site but if you are willing to have
a look at it I can send it privately to you with understanding that it is
not to be spread further. Do you want me to send it to you?

My application that produces this can be found at
(in demo mode you can add there however at most 250 persons)

Just download setupxx.x.x.x.exe and install it on your windows machine. English is one of the supported languages. It installs also all the xslt-sheets that can be used to transform the reports to the desired format.


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